Our Staff: Where Experience & Teamwork Matter Most

In addition to caregivers, it takes a knowledgeable office staff to make sure the daily operations of the company run smoothly and efficiently.

Nursing Supervisors

  • Conduct free Nursing Assessment to help determine client needs

  • Work with the client and family to develop a personal Care Plan¬†

  • Are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients and caregivers

  • Regularly visit each client to provide employee supervision and assistance

Scheduling Coordinators

  • Take initial requests for service

  • Ensure appropriate personnel are assigned to each client

  • Act as a liaison between caregivers, families and nursing supervisors

  • Assist client and family with schedule changes

Employee Services

  • Interviews and drug screens all employees

  • Conducts criminal background and reference checks

  • Provides training and counseling for all employees

Payroll, Billing and Benefits

  • Manages the employee payroll process

  • Deals with all necessary government taxes and withholding needs

  • Accepts major credit cards and bank account automatic draws

  • Coordinates billing with client’s insurance company