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A Soothing Voice

October 7th, 2013

 Many seniors who live at home have physical limitations that make it difficult or impossible to read.  It may be a case of poor eyesight, or it may be the inability to manipulate the book or newspaper.  Caring private duty home care aides can offer solace by reading to their senior clients, whether it is an interesting and informative article, the local or national news, a novel, or a simple poem.  The simple act fosters companionship and provides valuable emotional support and friendship to the seniors.  If you have a loved one who is unable to read or finds it difficult to read, find out about their reading preferences and alert the seniors’ home care aide.

Our job is so much more than just taking care of the necessities.  Of course we help out with everyday chores like bathing and dressing and meal preparation.  But our caregivers understand that company, conversation, and stimulating your loved one’s mind is the most important aspect of our calling.

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