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April 3rd, 2018

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers,” wrote poet Thomas Tusser. But for those who have been cooped up all winter – and especially seniors who are less mobile – the spring season brings more than just hope of seeing a garden bloom. It’s a time of year for becoming more active!

Breathing fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin and soaking in a little Vitamin D – those are just a few of the benefits that come with opening windows and doors and venturing outside. Taking some time to partake in fun springtime activities can help to not only enhance quality of life but also improve cognitive function.

Here are a few recommended springtime activities that can help lift a senior’s spirits …


grandma-and-kidsWho doesn’t love spending valuable time with a favorite grandson or granddaughter?  Winter weather often limits the variety of fun things to do with children, but warmer weather opens up a plethora of new activities that kids love to do. Depending upon personal health and mobility issues, you can always modify the intensity or duration of any of the following:

*Indoor/Outdoor Games – including Hide and Seek, Mother May I, and Simon Says.

*Plant a Garden – children love learning how to develop their green thumbs.

*Go Bird Watching – but before venturing out, pick up a bird book from the library.

*Have a Talent Show – children love showing off their artistry to grandma & grandpa.

*Play a Board Game, Read a Book, or Plan a Movie Night – perfect for when Ma Nature brings spring showers.


Ever since that blasted groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter you’ve been dreaming about lacing up your best pair of sneakers or walking shoes and returning to the Great Outdoors.

Well, with this list of “fun in the sun” activities, you’ll have your chance!

*Choose a Local Park or Nature Trail for Walks – many are appropriate for seniors, and some are even wheelchair accessible.

*Plant Some Flowers or Veggies – you’re never too old to have a small garden.

*Plan a Picnic – with good friends, or with your romantic partner.

*Invest in a Bird Feeder – once you do, you’ll create the perfect opportunity for bird watching.

*Eat Outdoors at a Fancy Restaurant – it’s the time of year for sidewalk dining!


Sure, when you hear the words “spring break” you normally think of teens vacationing in Ocean City or Cancun.  But don’t seniors deserve a Spring Break, too? From adventurous to romantic, here are some affordable destinations that are popular for both young and old:

*European River Cruises – active seniors will love exploring historic cities like Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest.niagra-falls

*Niagara Falls – breath-taking views and fine restaurants are better when shared.

*Hawaii – tropical wonderlands, perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

*London, England – HomeAway.com ranks it one of the top destinations for senior tour groups.

*Disney World – for the “young at heart” of any age, and maybe the grandkids will want to tag along!


Maybe picking up a broom and dustpan isn’t high on your list of fun things to do. But inevitably, cleaning must be done, and if you follow these spring cleaning tips, you’ll finish your tasks more efficiently and faster, and hence have more time for doing all the enjoyable activities already mentioned above.

*Have a Plan Before You Begin – a checklist is key for covering every task in a timely manner.

*Invite Other Family or Friends to Help – chores first, then share a lunch or dinner together!

*Begin With the Clutter – this will make your entire house easier to clean, and also improve safety.

*Throw Out Expired Items – not just food, but also old medications that could present risks.

*Test Safety Precautions – check the stability of grab bars and test items like fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

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