In-home Assistance for Sarah, Peace of Mind for Sarah's Family

When Sarah's husband of 52 years passed away, she wanted to stay in her own home where she felt comfortable and familiar. Her children are scattered across the United States and unable to get home to Sarah quickly if needed for minor issues.

Sarah has always been an independent woman and doesn't like to bother others with the things she is becoming physically unable to do. With her children all out of state, they wanted to secure someone to check in with Sarah at least 3 times a week to ensure her safety and provide her with some companionship. While her daughter, Beth, was searching for help online, she came across Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc.'s website and found they addressed all the family's concerns for Sarah's safety and well-being.

Baking Cookies

Beth found that CPNC can provide a caregiver for her mother who would:

  • Help Sarah with light housekeeping and laundry.
  • Ensure Sarah's safety in her rural setting, especially getting into and out of the bath.
  • Transport Sarah to doctor and hairdresser appointments.
  • Assist with Sarah's groceries and carry them in and put them away for her.
  • Help cook a hot meal.
  • Offer medication reminders.
  • Be there as a friendly, caring companion.

Beth and her siblings have the peace of mind that all Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc.'s caregivers have: 24 hour/7 days per week supervision from the Nursing Supervisors as well as Scheduling Coordinators to address any special scheduling needs.

Now Sarah's children feel confident knowing there are kind, compassionate, well-trained caregivers always available to help with all the aspects of her daily life. Call Central Penn Nursing Care, Inc. for a free Nursing assessment for your loved one and see how we can enhance the life of your family member.