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January 2nd, 2019

There seems to be two different kinds of retirement-age workers: (a) those who work because they need the supplemental income in order to survive; and (b) those who work because they simply enjoy working. In either case, all retirees are sure to agree on one thing: today’s retirement is nothing like the retirement of our parents and grandparents, many of whom were rewarded for their long careers with employer-paid pensions.

Whether you enjoy keeping busy during your “golden years,” or wish you could slow down but can’t, there are various employment options available, ranging from the conventional (i.e. office work) to the unconventional (such as selling custom items online) – with many that offer perks and benefits beyond salaries or stipends.


People are retiring later in life – and working longer – than they used to, with 47 percent of retirees saying they either are working or plan to work in retirement, and a whopping 72 percent of people 50+ who say they plan to eventually do the same.

But working after retirement doesn’t have to be a detriment. In fact, studies have shown that there can be benefits to prolonged employment, both to your finances and overall health.

Health Benefits

*People who work past 65 have an 11% lower chance of death from all causes

*Staying connected to people and current with technology helps maintain mental sharpness

*Working provides a sense of belonging and protects against isolation and associated depression

Financial Benefits

*Increased working years equates to fewer early withdrawals from retirement accounts

*Delaying social security increases your future benefits from Uncle Sam

*Your employer’s health insurance could be cheaper than Medicare


Grandpa-in-the-OfficeIf you enjoyed the work you did before retirement, you could consider working part-time for your former employer (and your old boss may even jump at the chance to hire you back!) But if that’s not feasible, here are a few other viable options:

*Work as a Consultant. Perfect for those with advanced degrees or specialized experience.

*Low-Stress Part-Time Work.  Retail positions, Call-Center jobs, Teaching assistants or Tutors, and even Childcare Service jobs.

*Temp Work. For those who prefer variety, or the flexibility of passing on one job and waiting for a better one.


So, maybe you have no interest in sitting behind a desk or ringing up customers at a check-out? Well here are a few out-of-the-ordinary possibilities that some people find extraordinary:

*Start a Retail Business. Online sites like Ebay, Craigslist, and Etsy make it easier than ever to resell antiques or other collectibles, or to sell your hand-crafted items.

*Find a Job With Perks. Jobs at entertainment venues (movie theaters, playhouses, concert halls, etc.) often provide free tickets to shows.

*Volunteer.  By working at an animal shelter or other civic organization, you’ll feel extra-valued for your work while enhancing your life experience.

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