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November 4th, 2013

Many seniors who have decided to “age in place” have experienced lifestyle modifications, including not being able to drive themselves around.  This situation can cause them to feel the loss of their independence; it can be both disheartening and depressing.  A home care aide can provide valuable transportation that cannot be replaced by a bus or taxi service.  Busses may not make the appropriate stops or can be difficult to enter or exit.  Taxis can also prove to be too expensive.  Home care aides can transport and accompany seniors to their appointments or social events.  They can offer personalized transportation services tailored to the specific schedules of their senior clients.  Contact your home care service provider to arrange for transportation services.


Central Penn Nursing Care can also help your loved one with daily chores, including bathing, dressing and housekeeping chores.  Call for a free assessment 717-569-0451 or visit our website @ www.cpnc.com

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