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Driven To Distraction

April 29th, 2016

Yesterday, CPNC offered an in-service to our employees called “Driven To Distraction.” In this short video a man plays the character of distraction and sits in the backseat of each car.  It was very interesting to see just how many things can distract us while we are behind the wheel of a car.  Talking on the phone while driving is equivalent to 1.5 shots of liquor.  Isn’t that crazy!  How many people do you see talking on the phone or texting while driving.  Food, beverages, the radio and putting on lipstick take our attention away from the road.  It only take a second to cause an accident.

Our caregivers are on the road all the time driving to their client’s homes.  We at CPNC hope that they are always taking great precautions and focusing on the road during their trips.  We care and value our caregivers, and hoped this video really helped them to see all the things that can be of danger to them while doing something they do each and every day.

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