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Fire Away

August 8th, 2011

Seniors who are “aging in place” are at special risk of injury or death caused by fire. Trained non-medical home care aides can take precautions to help prevent fire hazards. They can periodically check smoke detectors to make sure they are in working order. They can check for extension cords that may have frayed wires and make sure that the electrical outlets are not damaged. If seniors use portable heaters, aides can check for curtains or bedding that may be too close and correct any problems they observe. If their clients smoke, aides can be sure ashtrays are being used and that the contents are allowed to cool before being discarded. The Central Penn Nursing Care nursing supervisor, at the time of the free assessment, also does a home safety check.

Our number one goal is to keep your loved one safe in their own environment and one of the ways to ensure their safety is having a home care aide with them to ensure the home is safe and they are assisted with things like cooking and using portable heaters.

We have two locations: (717) 569-0451, Lancaster, and (717) 361-9777, Elizabethtown, or you may contact us through our website at www.cpnc.com. Home care you can count on!

P.S. The home care aide can make sure that flammable liquids are stored away from ovens and fireplaces in a client?s home.

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