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Helping Hands

October 22nd, 2012

Many seniors face challenges posed by crippling arthritis.  When seniors have determined to remain at home, Home Care aides can be indispensable for assisting with daily tasks.  From getting dressed to opening jars and cans, they can provide the critical assistance that helps maintain their quality of life.  Clients may also need reminded to take their important medications for their arthritis.  Some may require pain-relieving cold packs that can be prepared by the Home Care aides.  Encouragement can be given regarding any therapeutic exercises that may have been recommended by the client’s physician.  Providing transportation to and from medical appointments and running errands for seniors with arthritis can also make a difference.


P.S- Central Penn’s Home Care aides can determine easy to access locations where they can place items that their arthritic seniors use on a daily basis.  Our nursing supervisor will do a free assessment when services are set up.

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