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Home Downsizing

May 1st, 2017


Father Time has a plan for us all. We’ll inevitably grow older (and hopefully wiser). But what the bearded gent doesn’t typically include in his plan is a stress-free way for seniors to move from a larger home to a smaller one, or maybe even an apartment.

Yes, at some point in our lives, whether it’s due to financial constraints or physical debilitation, most of us will have to make the difficult decision to downsize. But the experience can be considerably less worrisome if you (or your loved ones) can make use of these five simple guidelines:

A row of townhomes as shown in this picture are often perfect for downsizing.

1)  Start sorting and inventorying your belongings at least three months before your move, sticking to a regular daily routine and setting aside larger chunks of time for papers, documents and photos.

2)  Make a list of all the items you love and can’t live without – and keep them.  This will make it easier to part with things that don’t make the list.

3)  Once you’ve separated the items that are either unessential or without sentimental value – reuse, recycle, or donate them. You’ll feel better by not automatically throwing everything out.

4)  Pre-plan your move by using floor plans from your new home, and estimating just how much of your stuff (especially furniture) is going to fit.

5)  Once you finally get to the packing stage, use a color-coded system to organize all of your boxes (or get a family member to assist you with the organizing).

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