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How can we prevent falls in the elderly?

June 5th, 2012

These days more and more seniors are choosing to remain in their homes instead of going to alternative living environments. Taking proper precautions, therefore, is important to alleviate the chance of a fall. Every year, one-third of people in the United States over the age of 65 fall. That is a large number of the elderly population. Why is this becoming more prevalent and what can we do to minimize that number? I think we are seeing this high number because seniors are often times left alone and the environment is not properly laid out. Home Care Aides can assist in checking and altering service if stairwells are poorly lit. They can clear steps and floor clutter. Aides can check to make sure electrical cords are properly located. They can check to make sure the floor is clean, but not slippery. Aides can offer medication reminders, helping to ensure that clients do not take medications incorrectly and become weak or dizzy. Some people can benefit from the occasional visit, where others may need 24-hour care.

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