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How to be Safe and Secure in your home

April 27th, 2012

In order to stay at home and age in place there are a number of things to consider.  What is one of the most important that some do not think of?  Safety. Being safe and secure in your home will prevent unwanted accidents.  Many common items that are found in the home may prove to be dangerous for aging residents.  Home care aides can assist in identifying such items, which can be placed in a locked cabinet or simply be removed from the home.  For clients who have Alzheimers’ or Dementia, it may be prudent to take matches, knives, cleaning supplies and other chemicals and isolate them in a secured location in the home.  Also, home care aides can assist by putting away cooking tools such as pans and skillets when finished preparing a meal for a resident.  Storing prescribed medications in a locked place to avoid possible overdosing issues is another good way to stay safe.

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