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In Their Place

September 23rd, 2013

Many seniors who choose to remain at home rely on live-in home care aides to maintain their security and independence.  These trained, experienced, and compassionate professionals provide the ultimate round the clock care and companionship.  They get to know the seniors as individuals with unique needs.  In turn, they themselves are often treated like family members.  Live-in home care aides engage their seniors in appropriate activities, prepare their meals, and accompany them to their appointments and even social activities.  The aides’ presence provides peace of mind for the seniors and their families.  They help alleviate and feelings of isolation and depression the senior may be experiencing when alone.  To learn more about live-in home care, contact your home care service provider.


Note: Not all agencies employ live-in caregivers.  It is best to find out the difference between both live-in and around the clock care that other agencies provide.

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