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Late Shift

September 2nd, 2014

There may be times when seniors who live alone in their homes require someone to stay overnight. They may be recovering from surgery or going through a difficult time. Private duty home care aides can offer this service. Doing so provides the senior clients with the benefits of a companion. The aides can be there if the seniors wake during the night and require assistance getting to the bathroom or need something to drink. Their presence can give the seniors a piece of mind and help them to feel safe. Aides can also provide reminders if pills are to be taken in the late evening or early morning. They can make sure the seniors are comfortable and rest well.
The most valuable thing an over-night caregiver can offer is peace of mind. Your family can rest easily knowing that your loved one is taken care of during the night. We provide a wide range of services from the occasional stay to full time 24 hour care, so there’s sure to be something for your family.

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