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December 9th, 2020

As we are all dealing with quarantine and social distancing many seniors are finding that they need to deal with more and more household chores and staying active by themselves.  Here is a list of “Life Hacks” to help them make life easier while they need to do some things without any assistance.

What are “life hacks,” you ask? Put simply, they are a series of tips or ideas which can simplify or streamline the way we do daily tasks, and both the elderly and their caregivers can find them extremely helpful – in areas ranging from healthcare to memory, and fitness to self-care. Normal daily activities in areas like the kitchen and bathroom can even be given a boost!

So, go ahead, start making your day-to-day necessities less of a chore by making some of the following easy adjustments.


It’s a fact of life: as we gradually deal with issues of decreasing mobility, we end up spending more time at home. But that doesn’t mean we have to increase the amount of time it takes to complete simple in-home tasks, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Remember some of these life hacks and your day will start and end more smoothly.

In The Kitchen

*Wrap rubber bands around each of your glasses – for improved grip when drinking.

*Keep rubber gloves on hand to help open difficult jars.

*Wet a sponge, put it in a Ziploc bag, and then freeze it for a quick ice pack.

*Put non-skid liners under kitchen rugs to avoid slips and falls.

*Purchase an extension grabber to help reach items that are out of reach.

In the Bathroom

*Install a grab bar in your shower and/or bathtub to help avoid slips.

*Replace current toilet seats with higher comfort-height seats.

*Use non-slip mats on the bathroom floor and also in the tub/shower.

*For those dealing with memory issues, mark hot and cold water with paint or nail polish.

*Buy a shower chair to use in the bathtub or shower.


Getting exercise in during quarantine especially during the winter is very difficult. Here are some ways to safely maintain proper levels of fitness and activity, regardless if you’re homebound or out running necessary errands.

Stay in Shapesenior-lifting-weights

*Use a chair to do sitting jumping jacks (sitting in place while raising arms and moving legs).

*Use soup cans as lightweight dumbbells for easy lifting exercises.

*Use the back of a chair for balance while doing knee-bend exercises.

*Wrap an elastic exercise band around your feet and do seated rowing exercises.

*Purchase a stability ball and work out without a chair.


*Before you head out, use your Smartphone to take a picture of your fridge or pantry, and then refer to it as your shop – so you don’t forget anything!

*Use a fanny pack instead of a purse, to prevent theft or accidental misplacement.

*Check packages for easy-open options, especially for over-the-counter medicines.

*Buy pre-chopped produce and pre-bagged salads to reduce time, strain and cutting risks.

*Consider home grocery delivery or online ordering services.


Did you know:  to make your smile look bigger in photos, squint your eyes just a little?

That’s just one of “25 Life Hacks Anyone Over 50 Should Know,” available for your reading enjoyment here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/25/life-hacks-for-those-over-50_n_6173276.html

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