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Loving Companions

December 9th, 2013

For seniors who live at home, there are many benefits to owning a pet.  Pets help to combat loneliness and provide affection and unconditional love.  Unfortunately, it can become difficult for some seniors to properly care for their pets.  Home care aides can provide supplementary assistance that may make it possible for the pets to remain in the home.  They can change litter boxes and make sure there is sufficient amounts of food and water.  Weather permitting they can even take them for a walk or to the vet when necessary.  This allows those loving companions to remain with their owners, which helps maintain a soothing, calming effect for the seniors. 


P.S. For seniors, pets can help ease the loss of a loved one. 

If you have a loved on in need of our services please call 717-569-0451 for Lancaster or 717-659-4472 for Harrisburg

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