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Making a personal appearance

May 18th, 2012

What is one of the simplest things you can do to feel better? The answer is simple, look better.  It is a fact that when you maintain your appearance your self-esteem is improved.  This is true for people of all ages, especially the elderly.  Home care aides can provide all types of senior care including assistance with everyday grooming tasks to maintain their appearance.  Helping to maintain a senior’s personal appearance can have a direct impact on the senior’s feelings of self-esteem.  These tasks become more difficult with aging, including how to dress and what to wear.  Aides can select pieces that are easy to put on.  Buttons, snaps or zippers on clothing may be substituted with Velcro closures.  The aides can be sure to provide layering options to ensure that their senior clients stay warm and comfortable.  Since the senior clients’ mobility and vision may be challenged, performing simple grooming tasks such as combing hair and brushing teeth can also be difficult and require assistance.  Home care aides are able to help with all of these things.

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