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Personal Cleanliness

December 24th, 2013

When aging seniors remain at home, they may reach a point where they don’t recall the “steps” of bathing or showering.  They may resist it and become agitated if the subject is raised.  Trained and certified home care aides can help seniors maintain proper hygiene.  They will keep the seniors on their usual bathing schedule.  They will be sure that a shower chair is in place, if necessary, but ultimately making sure they are safe.  They will stay close by at all times or assist them if they need help.  In some instances aides will sponge bathe the clients if they are unable to shower.  Just having someone close by can offer reassurance to the seniors and help them remain independent, while others need more hands on care. 


We understand that bathing your loved one can be difficult, both physically and emotionally.  That’s why our caregivers can provide bathing services for you loved one.  In addition, we have RN’s and LPN’s who can take care of your loved one’s complex medical needs.

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