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November 2nd, 2017

Regardless what age you are, it’s always healthier to stay active. But as we age, engaging in physical, social, and just plain fun activities can be even more important – for both the body and mind.

As the old adage goes, “If you don’t use  it, you lose it,” so below is a carefully compiled list of things you can do to help stave off the effects of old age and boredom.

A Night Out Can Keep You ‘In’ The Groove

Escaping the confines of your house or apartment can work wonders for your well-being and morale. And it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of money to find entertaining things that interest you.

Just a few ideas to choose from:

*Bingo – You’ve known the game since childhood, and as an adult you can choose from a lot of venues to get your Bingo fix – from fire halls to senior centers.

*Movie Nights – If you’ve never gotten tired of leaning back in a darkened theater with a tub of popcorn, then why not head out to see the latest blockbuster. Most theaters even offer senior discounts and special matinee prices.

*See a Play – Whether your preference is drama or comedy, your town’s local theater scene has a lot to offer – and at prices much lower than Broadway.

*Try a New Restaurant – Nothing says you have to always go to the same tried-and-true diner you’ve been going to for years. Easily look up some restaurant reviews on Yelp – and then treat your taste buds to some excitement!

Gain Doesn’t Have To Come With Pain

Younger athletes aspire to run more miles or bulk up their abs, and will test their body’s limits to do so.  But staying fit doesn’t have be accompanied by discomfort. In fact, there are a lot of ways to keep your cardiovascular system primed that don’t involve extreme exertion.

For instance:

*Yoga – For improving balance, flexibility, joint health and even blood pressure, it’s truly the perfect low-impact exercise – and some community groups offer free classes.

*Golf – Nothing keeps you “in the swing” more than the low-pace fun of walking the greens and swinging a club. Those with mobility issues can ride the cart!

*Walking on Local Trails – You don’t have to go on a treacherous mountain hike to reap the benefits of nature walking. For a list of trails of varying difficulty in your area, visit www.TrailLink.com.

*Charity Walk – To really feel good about yourself, sign up for one of the numerous charity walks, which benefit causes ranging from Breast Cancer to Heart Disease.

You’re Never Too Old To Be A Butterfly

A social butterfly, that is.  It’s never too late to meet new people, and even if you’ve always been more of the wallflower type, you may discover that being with a crowd has its benefits.

Live a little! Possible social activities include:

*Join a Local Organization – Not only is this a great way to meet new people and give back to the community, but many organizations also provide special perks ranging from discounts to private member-only events. Popular groups include AARP and the Red Hat Society. Check Out This List Of Organizations.

*Senior Centers – The name pretty much says it all. By devoting themselves ONLY to seniors, you get undivided attention, and therefore a variety of services and support. Plus social activities galore (including Bingo and Movie Nights!)

*Dancing Class – Sure, it’s the perfect stress-reducing way to burn calories for a loving couple. But if you’re single, it’s also the perfect stress-reducing way to make new friends! Remember, ballroom dancing never goes out of style.

*Create a Social Media Account – Just because you don’t think you’re computer savvy doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on the social media craze – it’s actually easier than you think to set up a Facebook or Twitter account and start your own group. You may even end up re-connecting with a long lost friend in the process!

Go ahead, be social, stay active, even be a little daring in your old age.  If you don’t, not only will your health and well-being suffer, but you could miss out on a lot of fun!

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