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Senior Friendly Vacations

August 3rd, 2017

High school and college students always look forward to “senior week,” a time of year for joining their classmates for sometimes wild and raucous vacations at the beach.  But “fun times” don’t have to disappear with age. By taking the correct precautions and shopping around for the most affordable and relaxing vacation spots, the elderly can enjoy their own version of “senior week.”

When looking for a senior-friendly travel destination, it’s important to consider things like easy access to amenities, accessibility for those with limited mobility, the availability of nearby doctors or hospitals, and also whether there are language barriers for the non-English speaking.

Cruises Are Great Family Vacations For All Ages!

Keeping the above suggestions in mind, some of the most viable and popular vacation options for seniors include:

Cruises – to the Caribbean, on the Mediterranean or to Central America; or, if you prefer to be on the river, head to Europe to see the beautiful Danube.

Theater Shows – of course, everyone loves New York’s Broadway (or Off Broadway) district, but there’s also Branson, Missouri, featuring live musical entertainment at more than 50 theaters.

Wine Tours – if you’re still healthy enough to imbibe then why not?

Group Tours of Famous Cities – there’s safety in numbers, and memories galore in places like London, Florence or, closer to home, Quebec.

Beaches – the hot spot of choice for youthful “senior weeks,” but seriously, you’re old and wise enough to know which beaches are the most relaxing for your advanced age group.  (Hawaii, anyone?)

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