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March 4th, 2019

Snowstorm after snowstorm. Frigid temperatures and ice. It’s been a long, hard winter. Is it any wonder spring fever has become very contagious this time of year? And nowhere is the ‘fever’ more prevalent than among our seniors, who are cooped up more than most of us during the winter months.

Springtime is definitely a favorite season for seniors. Fresh air, the warmth of the sun on the skin providing a little extra vitamin D … it all helps to rejuvenate the spirit and soul!  And when all that fresh air and warmth get combined with some fun springtime activities, cognitive function can see improvement, too.  The result: spring fever gives way to a rebirth of happiness.

Whether you seek a return to the great outdoors, a long overdue family gathering, or just are eager to tackle that bit of spring cleaning Old Man Winter keeps delaying, there are plenty of activities that are good for both the mind and body.


Sun and fun don’t have to be just for the young. The young-at-heart can find plenty of enjoyable – and safe – things to do outside as well.

Here are a few favorite springtime activities for seniors that are sure to please:

*Walk in the park or along a nature trail (many are even wheelchair accessible!)

*Dine outdoors at a fancy restaurant (but remember to bring along a jacket or sweater).

*Visit local tourist attractions, including landmarks, historical sites, or sporting events.

*Go fishing (the wheelchair-bound can cast a line from a pier or bridge!)

*Pack a lunch, a blanket, and maybe a deck of cards, and enjoy a picnic.

*Buy a bird feeder and go bird watching – from the comfort of your backyard.

*Plant an herb garden (and use those fresh herbs for healthy cooking!)

*Visit a farmers market and pick up some fresh fruits & veggies.

*Visit a nursery and be wowed by all the colorful plants and flowers.

*Or, if it’s a rainy day, stay inside and watch the Food Network – and try out some new spring recipes!


Okay, maybe spring cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But tidying up and getting reorganized can often be a therapeutic way of moving forward – and forgetting all the drudgery of winter.

With that said, here are a few spring cleaning tips to help seniors to regain control of their home space.

  • Select the right tools. Items like a duster with an extender, a squeegee for windows, or a dustpan that stands by itself can make cleaning easier and safer.
  • Use small bins. Not only are they much easier to haul around, but by categorizing things like craft supplies and gardening tools you’ll always be able to find what you’re after.
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet. Expired medications don’t do anyone any good, and can, in fact, be dangerous. Call your local township to inquire about proper disposal.
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. And if you need a hand with changing batteries, don’t hesitate to ask a loved one for assistance.
  • And, for a ‘cleaning’ activity that’s actually fun: decorate indoors (or outdoors) with a spring or Easter theme. Do-it-yourself craft projects can add to the enjoyment!


Certainly what many seniors enjoy (and miss) most are gathering with family and friends. Spring is the perfect time to renew those connections, and a get-together doesn’t have to be overly labor-intensive. A spring or Easter potluck means everyone has to bring a dish to share, which reduces the burden on the host.

If your favorite senior isn’t as mobile as before, why not surprise them by helping to plan a spring gathering for them. Their sunny springtime smile will be your reward!

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