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Using Senior Discounts

September 6th, 2017

Some say it’s good genes that allow us to live to a ripe old age, others that luck is king. Then there’s the camp that maintains good habits are where it’s at!

Well if one of your best habits in life has been frugality, here’s good news: there are perhaps more discounts for Senior Citizens than any other category.

Just in case you haven’t been reaping the full rewards of senior discounts, here are some categories that maybe you haven’t fully considered. A helpful tip: by shopping on certain days or asking for a price break you can save even more money!


Kohl’s gives a 15 percent discount to those age 55-plus every Wednesday, and Ross offers 10 percent off  on Tuesdays for those who sign up for the Every Tuesday Club. Plus many Goodwill stores give seniors discounts on select days.


Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival (discounts to cruisers 55 and over), Amtrak (15 Percent off for 62-and-older), Greyhound (5 percent off for 62-and-older), and Southwest Airlines (fares for 65-plus) all offer special discounts.


For those interested in Continuing Education Programs, many colleges and universities offer classes to those 60 and older for a small fee – and sometimes even for free!

Additionally, there is a whole range of brand name manufacturers that offer special discounts on goods and services, many for adults as young as age 50. One caveat: many chains only offer discounts in certain geographical areas, or at the discretion of local management. To find out more, check out this great list of Senior Citizen Discounts: https://www.dealnews.com/features/The-Best-Senior-Discounts-from-A-to-Z/987339.html.


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