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May 1st, 2019


Senior travelers not only have many varied interests, they also possess varying physical abilities. Fortunately, today’s travel options have never been more accessible.

But just because the world of travel is open to almost everyone, it doesn’t mean that everyone can – or should – go almost anywhere. Rather than just going online in search of the cheapest airline tickets, caregivers can assist by having an open discussion with loved ones regarding travel wishes. “Dream vacations” don’t have to remain a dream at any age, especially with so many tour and cruise possibilities out there. Several tour operators, including Accessible Journeys and Flying Wheels, even specialize in “accessible lifestyle vacations,” which cater to those with special needs and disabilities. Or, as an affordable alternative for those who still drive: how about an RV (recreational vehicle) trip across the continental United States!

With that said, here are some of the top senior-friendly vacation ideas:

U.S. National Parks

Whether you choose the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll find multigenerational fun that won’t break your budget.

The Caribbean

Velvety sands, sky-blue waters, and flip-flop friendly weather? Need we say more! And the island life can be made accessible for all by reserving an ocean cruise.


Still have items on your bucket list? You don’t have to leave the U.S. to check them all off, not if you take in the supercharged land- and seascapes of our 49th state.

Central Europe’s Rivers

If you’ve always wanted to view the bankside castles, vineyards, and storybook villages of Germany, Austria and Hungary, an European waterway cruise is just the ticket!

Machu Picchu

No longer able to handle an arduous mountain hike along the Inca Trail? A train from Cusco can get you there instead, and guided group tours make things extra-easy and enjoyable.

Canadian Rockies

For an additional mountain journey that’s both scenic and accessible to all, book a seat aboard the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train for unobstructed views of Canada’s imposing peaks.


Budget travel doesn’t have to be restricted to domestic locations, not if you choose a country with favorable exchange rates. Beautiful Thailand is one such place, and it’s filled with equal parts excitement and relaxation.

South Africa

So … ever since you were young you dreamed about a safari, but now you feel you’re too old? Guess again! See lions, elephants and giraffes from the comfort of an all-terrain vehicle instead of on-foot.


By vacationing during the off-season and taking advantage of limited-time specials, seniors in-the-know can enjoy discounts on food, lodging, transportation, attractions, and events at these  top-rated vacation locales for 2019:

*Charleston, South Carolina

*Branson, Missouri

*The Maritimes, Canada

*Wilmington, North Carolina

*Plymouth, Massachusetts

*Yakima, Washington

*Tenerife, Canary Islands

*Adirondack Mountains, New York

*Roanoke, Virginia

*Hendricks County, Indiana

*Estes Park, Colorado

*Mazatlan, Mexico


Finally, nobody likes being caught unprepared, and poor travel planning can be even riskier where seniors are involved. For those who have unresolved doubts and concerns, it may be best to consult a travel agent for suggestions. Beyond that, here a some pre-trip planning musts to keep in mind:

*Allow enough time to assemble important personal and medical documents (especially passports, which can take months to process).

*Find out about the medical facilities in the destination areas.

*Research important factors such as climate, language and culture. (A good guide book can be beneficial here).

*Make arrangements for wheelchairs, guide dogs and seating needs well in advance.

*Organize travel insurance, with pre-existing illness coverage if needed.

*If there are extraordinary health concerns involved, make arrangements for a reputable package tour.

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